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International Dominatrix and Perth’s Premier Mistress

Goddess Celine – 2013 Travel Schedule

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Mistress Celine – Stunning World Class Domination

The Mistress Celine is a world class international professional and lifestyle Dominatrix – beautiful, experienced, sophisticated, a strong advocate of BDSM education and the proprietress of Perth’s premier dungeon.  She is highly accomplished in the art of Domination and sado-masochistic activities in a safe, sane and consensual environment and divides her precious time between Perth, the East Coast of Australia, the UK and Europe.

The Goddess Celine conducts her appointments from her own extremely well appointed private chambers “The Perth Dungeon”, which consists of 2 dungeons and an office for Corporate/Executive Bitch scenarios.  It is worth noting that she prefers quality over quantity and will therefore only accept an appointment if she finds your scenario stimulating, you display a high degree of good manners and you can display a reasonable amount of intelligence.

If you are lucky enough to be accepted as one of her slaves, sissies or inadequate employees cowering before a beautiful and supremely powerful executive bitch, you will have the pleasure of experiencing the intense roller coaster that is her personality.

Her persona will fluctuate between warm hypnotic sensuality, playfulness and humour to cruel, unpredictable, deliciously sadistic bitch in a micro second, leaving you dazed, confused and craving her touch – aching to endure all for your Goddess.  Mistress will keep you on your toes!

Her compelling beauty will effortlessly command your surrender, her sensuous touch will set your flesh on fire and her whiplash smile will seal your fate.  Any last remnants of resistance will fade as your body betrays you under her hypnotic control.

Oh, and by the way – Mistress has a highly developed sense of humour that she will naturally use to your disadvantage!

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