Ball Busting

BALL BUSTING – See also Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)

Ballbusting is a form of CBT in which a man can be deliberately kicked, knee’d or punched in the balls.

In a nutshell, if you’ll excuse the pun, ballbusting is causing pain to the testicles of men for enjoyment rather than for self defence. Women enjoy it for the power they feel when they can so easily drop a male to the floor in great agony.  A dominant woman also finds it amusing to see a man squirm and groan while holding his scrotum from such a minor blow. Men with this fetish enjoy their own vulnerability when it comes to a woman exploiting it. It is surprising the percentage of men who become erect at the thought of a woman controlling them by their balls!

Because of the way that an otherwise powerful male can be reduced to a ‘quivering jelly’ by a well aimed punch, knee or kick (in the latter case even by a slight female in ‘suitable’ footwear), many women find it extremely amusing to cause pain to a man in this way.

Interestingly, when a mammal is in pain, because of the endorphin release in the body’s attempt to attenuate the pain, the endorphins can produce a sexual high. This endorphin release is greater if the male is aroused sexually as the sex act itself often exposes the testicles to trauma as they impact upon and are trapped and squeezed against the female body. The male must continue despite the pain for the survival of the species, so natural selection has provided for the extra release of endorphins to ensure that the male does continue by counteracting and blocking the pain with pleasure.

This has led to a by far from modern but increasingly popular phenomenon called “ball-busting”; an activity where women and girls kick men in the testicles for the pleasure of either one or both of the parties involved. In the CONSENTING act of ball-busting the above mentioned endorphin release in the male is sometimes made greater by the psychological effect viz; – that “otherwise caring women have knowingly caused pain to my sex organs for their own pleasure, despite knowing that it could damage me for life”, – ergo the act is a sexual one.

In the late 1990’s there was a rapid increase in popularity of “ball-busting” connected to the stiletto shoe and boot craze!  Many women reportedly felt powerful in shoes that seemed to shout “kick”!   Ball busting desires in males are not surprisingly connected with both masochism and either shoe/boot and/or foot and leg fetishism. The sexual high created by the female connecting a man’s balls with the fetish object can cause ejaculation that in some cases is prolonged and causes copious ejaculation.

Ball-busting is of course not solely a heterosexual phenomenon, it as might be expected, a homosexual phenomenon also and is at least as popular in homosexual circles as it is in heterosexual ones. It also has its bisexual advocates where normally heterosexual men are involved with either transsexual males or transvestite males; or even males whose only concession to transvestism is the wearing of women’s high-heeled shoes or boots. In this latter case, the kicker uses the shoes or boots to kick the other man in the testicles whilst openly masturbating himself! The juxtaposition that takes place is supposedly that the kicker looking down on the scene and watching the women’s shoe or boot strike the testicles of the other man, becomes in his mind also the kicked man as well as being the kicker, – who is not he, but the fantasy woman of his dreams! The receiver supposedly gets the ball-busting thrill with the added masochistic humiliation and embarrassment that he isn’t supposed to feel sexual pleasure at all because it is being done to him by another man, – and yet he can’t help but feel sexual pleasure because of his addiction to the women’s high heeled fetish objects which are the direct instruments of his sexual pain!