Body Worship

This is the act of physically worshipping your Goddess, guided by her specific instructions.  You may be placed in cuffs, collar, leash etc, and directed under her watchful eye to the particular silken skinned limb that Mistress wishes you to worship.

She may require that you use your lips to kiss from her thighs down to her elegant ankles, perhaps sucking her toes and licking her feet while she delights in the image of you lying at her feet.

You may be instructed to massage the naked form of your Goddess from her perfectly shaped shoulders to the tips of her toes, you are teased beyond belief from the blindfold across your eyes as your hands massage the divine feminine form before you.

You may be required to delicately kiss her perfectly rounded ass cheeks as a form of reward or humiliation, depending on her perspective and yours.

Usually accompanied by slave prostrating himself/herself at the Goddess’s feet, this reinforces a sense of inferiority, a submissive generally licks, kisses and sucks their Mistress’s body part and is not allowed to touch it in a more conventional way. The aspect of erotic humiliation is perhaps appreciated by bearing in mind the commonplace phrase “kiss my ass.”

WBody worship can also be undertaken by a worshipper because he/she is in awe of a partiular body part and wishes to praise its beauty. Although encouragement may be provided, verbally or by spanking etc, body worship is typically received more or less passively whilst the Goddess remains aloof.

PS:  Don’t get any ideas about performing intimate body worship on this Goddess – see if you are still unclear!