Tie & Tease

The Mistress has a natural sense of the erotic that will draw you in and leave you gasping.  Eroticism comes naturally to her and is incorporated into most of her sessions unless a particular session style precludes it.

Tie and Tease is an excellent entry point into exploring the limitless realms of BDSM.  If you have never visited a Mistress or a dungeon before, tie and tease is a valuable introduction to help familiarise you with a unique environment and the exotic equipment, furniture, toys and experiences that await you within.

DO BEAR IN MIND HOWEVER, that if you are a serial “tie and tease” aficionado with no submissive tendancies and no interest in further exploring the extraordinary, rewarding and infinitely exciting world of BDSM, then it is my recommendation that you contact someone else!  Mistress is not interested in pampering and entertaining your sorry ass!